DANGER: These Orange Juice Brands Contain Roundup Weedkiller

By - November 26, 2018
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When thinking about vitamin C, you may think most often of oranges and orange juice. That is because orange juice is packed with this essential vitamin. But recent disturbing reports reveal that orange juice may not contain just healthy vitamins. It has also been shown to contain glyphosate, the active ingredient in the herbicide Roundup. A new study has shown glyphosate is rearing its head in several brands of OJ that you might be giving to your children.

The group Moms Across America did a test of six types of orange juice recently and discovered that all of them contained glyphosate.

The tainted OJ brands included:

  • Florida’s Natural Orange Juice
  • Tropicana
  • Minute Maid
  • Starter Bros
  • Signature Farms
  • Kirkland

The measured levels of glyphosate in all the orange juice products ranged from 2.99 PPB to 17.16 PPB. Tropicana was shown to have the most toxic levels at 17.16, and Florida’s Natural had the next highest level of all brands tested, having levels that were three time more than just a year earlier.

The World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research of Cancer recently reviewed more than 1000 studies before it reached the conclusion that glyphosate most likely is a human carcinogen.

Pesticides based upon glyphosate are the most used pesticides on earth, and are sold around the globe. Monsanto’s Roundup is the most common brand. Roundup is used on dozens of food crops, including those that have been genetically modified. Also, may pesticides that are based upon glyphosate are regularly sprayed on roadsides, parks, gardens, railway tracks, golf courses and cemeteries.

Monsanto Says Glyphosate Is Safe

Monsanto and its recent buyer, Bayer AG, argue that glyphosate is entirely safe. But a growing pile of evidence shows that the pesticide has been linked to many health problems. Some of these include, most alarmingly, non-Hodgkins lymphoma, a very serious and often fatal cancer of the lymphatic system. Roundup was recently the subject of a 2018 California lawsuit where the company was found to be liable for $289 million due to the cancer allegedly caused by the product in a former San Francisco groundskeeper.

FDA States Glyphosate Is ‘Safe’ – Is It?

According to FDA, the maximum allowable quantity of glyphosate in a food in America is 5.0 ppm.

This is high when you consider that no amount of the pesticide has ever been shown to be acceptable for human health by science. Research continues to grow that this chemical is not safe for human exposure and consumption.

According to the study The Global Glyphosate Study, researchers performed an assessment of the current maximum levels of glyphosate, along with the alleged safety of the product. The study determined that the amount that has been set as safe for glyphosate by the US government agency is not really safe at all. Instead, these levels of the chemical have been linked to serious microbiome imbalances and damage to human DNA. All living things, including human beings, feature a microbiome which is what the sum of all microbes are in the body. It can differ from each person, and creates a type of microscopic fingerprint.

Regarding the aforementioned orange juice findings, when the juice is marketed as a ‘healthy product’ or referred to be ‘natural’ in the name of the product, then the presence of glyphosate should be taken seriously.

This regardless whether the many federal agencies responsible for protecting Americans are doing a proper job.

The EPA banned glyphosate decades ago, but then it backtracked.

Still, the studies that were used to establish the safety of the chemical were offered by companies in the chemical industry. Recent evidence from several Monsanto lawsuits suggest some of the studies may have been doctored or fake.

Oat-Based Cereals Common At Breakfast Table Also Tainted

Another study performed by the Environmental Working Group (EWG), all 28 samples of several oat-based cereals that were tested were found to contain levels of glyphosate. Some of these common cereals were:

  • Cheerios – several flavors
  • Quaker Oats – several flavors
  • Quaker Granola – multiple flavors
  • Quaker snack bars – multiple flavors

Many public experts think that the levels of glyphosate allowed in common foods such as breakfast cereals do not protect human health properly.

In the past, EPA calculations suggested that children up to two years old could get the highest exposure to glyphosate. The tests performed above on breakfast cereals found that glyphosate levels were well above the safety standard set by EWG of 160 ppb.

For example, Quaker Oatmeal Squares breakfast cereal had glyphosate levels that were 18 times higher than previous benchmarks.

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