Kentucky Roundup Cancer Lawsuit Help & Resources

Kentucky isn’t a huge state in land mass, but it has the sixth-most farming operations of any state in the nation, and farmland accounts for more than half of the state’s total area. Agriculture and related industries contribute more than $45 billion per year to the state’s economy, making agriculture a central foundation of the… Read More »

Colorado Roundup Cancer Lawsuit Help & Resources

Many people will conjure the image of a sprawling ranch when they’re asked to think of farming in Colorado, and while it’s true that the state is a top 20 producer of several livestock animals, including cattle, hogs, and sheep and lambs, the state is also a crucial crop producer. With an annual economic contribution… Read More »

What Is a Roundup Cancer Lawsuit?

With around 12,000 cases pending all across the United States, the weed killer Roundup is at the center of a legal, medical and regulatory firestorm surrounding the alleged dangers posed by the herbicide. A California jury in the fall of 2018 issued a huge verdict in favor of man who argued that he was diagnosed… Read More »

How to Get a Free Roundup Lawsuit Evaluation

If you or a loved one has been exposed to the weedkiller Roundup and have been diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma (NHL) or another cancer, you may want to have a consultation with a Roundup weedkiller attorney. You could be entitled to compensation in some cases. Below is more information about the weedkiller and how you… Read More »

Indiana Roundup Cancer Lawsuit Help

As a top 10 agricultural state, farming has deep roots in Indiana. Today, the state’s farmers and food producers contribute about $40 billion in economic impact every year and account for more than 100,000 jobs across the Hoosier State. Indiana is a leading producer of many crucial crops, including corn and soybeans. It’s this rich… Read More »

Missouri Roundup Cancer Lawsuit Help

As the corporate home of agrochemical giant Monsanto, Missouri residents are no strangers to controversy surrounding the company. Since the fall 2018 California verdict in which a former school groundskeeper was awarded $289 million after he was diagnosed with terminal cancer, about 12,000 lawsuits are targeting the company and its blockbuster weed killer Roundup. In… Read More »

Ohio Roundup Cancer Lawsuit Help

As one of the leading agricultural states in the nation, farming is a very big business in Ohio. In fact, about 1 in 8 jobs in the Buckeye State are related to farming, and agriculture and food production contribute nearly $50 billion in total economic value every year. The importance of farming to Ohio’s economy… Read More »

Montana Roundup Cancer Lawsuit Help

Agriculture is the single highest-impact industry in all of Montana, accounting for a total $4.6 billion annual impact, far higher than any other industry in the state. While Montana is a top 10 state for livestock production, it’s also one of the most productive states when it comes to several crops, including hay, oats and… Read More »

Texas Roundup Cancer Lawsuit Help

With 1 in 7 jobs in Texas being related in some way to agriculture and the farming industry contributing more than $20 billion in sales every year, agriculture is a way of life in the Lone Star State. While the state is known mostly for producing more livestock than any other, it’s also a major… Read More »

Michigan Roundup Cancer Lawsuit Help

Agriculture is hugely important to the economy of Michigan. In fact, agriculture and food production combine for more than $100 billion in annual impact across the state, and nearly 1 in 4 jobs is centered around food and farming. So it’s understandable that in many places across the state of Michigan, those involved in farming,… Read More »

Wisconsin Roundup Cancer Lawsuit Help

Agriculture is a hugely crucial industry in the state of Wisconsin. Agriculture contributes more than $88 billion every year to the state’s economy and accounts for about 1 in 10 jobs in the state. Wisconsin is the leading producer of cheese in the United States, but it’s also home to many plant crops, such as… Read More »

New York Roundup Cancer Lawsuit Help

With more than 1 million pounds of the potent weed killer glyphosate, also known as Roundup, being sprayed on farm fields throughout the state of New York, many people who use Roundup regularly, including agricultural workers, landscapers and everyday citizens, are concerned about their potential for dangerous exposure. A recent court ruling and a large… Read More »

New Jersey Roundup Cancer Lawsuit Help

With multiple lawsuits either underway or pending, the weed killer glyphosate, better known as Roundup, is a huge concern across the nation, including here in New Jersey. Nearly 100,000 pounds of this potentially harmful pesticide were sprayed on New Jersey farms in 2016. Although New Jersey isn’t known as an agricultural hub, more than 720,000… Read More »

Illinois Roundup Cancer Lawsuit Resources & Help

More glyphosate is used for farming operations in Illinois than in any other American state. According to U.S. Geological Survey data, more than 24 million pounds of the herbicide were used in crop production throughout Illinois in 2016. Illinois is one of the leading agricultural states in the nation, with crop sales generating more than… Read More »

Florida Roundup Cancer Lawsuit Resources & Help

As one of the leading agricultural states in the United States, Florida produces more than 50 percent of the total value of oranges and grapefruits of the entire country. The state is the very top producer of several common crops, including snap beans, watermelons, sugarcane and others (in addition to oranges and grapefruit). With such… Read More »

California Roundup Cancer Lawsuit Resources & Help

In 2016 alone, more than 8 million gallons of the weed killer glyphosate, including the name brand Roundup, were sprayed on crops in California. Glyphosate use in the state of California has surged more than 250 percent since the early 1990s. So it’s no wonder that California has become the epicenter of the Roundup cancer… Read More »

Arkansas Roundup Cancer Lawsuit Help

Agriculture is the single largest industry in the state of Arkansas, contributing about $16 billion to the state’s economy every year. The state ranks first in the nation in rice production and third in cotton production, providing about 7 percent of the total U.S. production of that crop. With nearly 50,000 agricultural operations spread across… Read More »

Best Roundup Cancer Lawsuit Lawyers for 2019

According to a California jury, the popular weedkiller Roundup (also referred to as glyphosate, its active ingredient) caused non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in a man who worked as a groundskeeper. The man was awarded $289 million, though the settlement and payout amount was later reduced to $78 million. Several more lawsuits are pending against Monsanto, now owned… Read More »

Iowa Roundup Cancer Lawsuit Help & Resources

The state of Iowa is the single biggest producer of corn in the United States and the second-biggest producer of soybeans among all states. Not only that, but the state ranks second overall in cash farm receipts, which totaled more than $26 billion in 2016. Farming is a way of life for thousands of Iowans,… Read More »

Nebraska Roundup Cancer Lawsuit Help

Nebraska ranks fourth overall when it comes to agricultural production in the United States, and farming accounts for about 1 in 4 jobs in the state. Without a doubt, farming and food production are critical to the economy of Nebraska. With so much of the state devoted to farming, it’s no wonder why many across… Read More »

Kansas Roundup Cancer Lawsuit Help

With a rich agricultural tradition that predates even statehood, Kansas is one of the leading farming states in the United States. As a top 10 producer of multiple crops, agriculture is the single biggest economic force in Kansas, producing nearly $70 billion every year and accounting for nearly half of the total economy of the… Read More »

North Dakota Roundup Cancer Lawsuit Help

Nearly 90 percent of the total land area in North Dakota is used for farming and ranching, and agriculture has an impact of more than $11 billion on the state’s economy every year. North Dakota is the nation’s leading producer of several crops, including beans, sunflowers and wheat. Agriculture remains by far the largest economic… Read More »

Minnesota Roundup Cancer Lawsuit Help

Though times have changed in many ways, agriculture remains the foundation of Minnesota’s economy, with the state producing $17 billion in agriculture sales every year and the farming industry accounting for nearly 15 percent of the state’s employment. Given agriculture’s central position to the economic health of the state, it’s no wonder why so many… Read More »

South Dakota Roundup Cancer Lawsuit Help

With 1 in 5 jobs in South Dakota being tied to agriculture, there’s no doubting the impact farming has across the state. Not only does agriculture account for well over 100,000 jobs in South Dakota, but farming and related operations have a more than $26 billion annual impact on the state’s economy. With such a… Read More »

Monsanto Class Action Lawsuits Pile Up Over Toxic Roundp

Monsanto and its parent company Bayer AG are facing more class action lawsuits against its product Roundup and key ingredient glyphosate. Most of the lawsuits claim that the toxic ingredient caused the plaintiffs to develop Non-Hodgkins’ lymphoma or another type of cancer. Below is more information on three of the current class action lawsuits in… Read More »

Roundup Cancer Lawsuit Settlements & Payout (Update)

More than 11,000 lawsuits are now pending against Bayer AG and Monsanto over their controversial weed-killer products, according to the German company’s own 2018 financial reports. Those thousands of cases come on the heels of a blockbuster jury verdict last fall in California and were disclosed just after a second California trial got underway in… Read More »

ALERT: Non Hodgkins Lymphoma Cancer Lawsuit Help

Roundup is a common weedkiller produced by Monsanto and its new owner Bayer AG. It is regularly used to farmers, landscapers, gardeners, and homeowners throughout the world to control weeds. But in recent years, strong evidence has been revealed that there are important safety links between Roundup and cancer, especially Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a serious cancer… Read More »

Latest Monsanto Lawsuit Cancer News

Have you been hearing about the numerous lawsuits against Monsanto and its product Roundup? Below are some of the latest stories about recent legal actions involving the controversial herbicide that may lead to serious health problems in some people, including several forms of cancer. This page is constantly being updated… Law360 (March 19, 2019, 5:18… Read More »

What to Know About a Roundup Leukemia Lawsuit

Roundup is the most popular weed killer in the world manufactured by Monsanto, and its recent new owner Bayer AG. It is commonly used by farmers, agriculture companies, gardeners, landscapers and even regular homeowners all around the globe to kill and control weeds. But in the last several years, ample evidence has been uncovered that… Read More »

Alabama Roundup Cancer Lawsuit Help

Roundup is the most widely used herbicide in human history, being sprayed on crops all around the world, including hundreds of thousands of gallons sprayed here in Alabama. Roundup and glyphosate are approved for use on food crops in the United States despite a recent verdict linking the weed killer to cancer as well as… Read More »